Defining The Brand & Customer Experience


Working on the Customer Experience wasn’t really planned. It happened because of a Hackathon project I made. I designed and built a product landing page using the updated UI from our new Style Guide. It made a big splash and the Product Director put me in touch with our marketing team. Over the past year, our small design team has been leading multiple marketing initiatives.


Visual Design

Evolved logo (used for style guide )

To take a step back to the first few weeks of the style guide project, I was making some decisions on colors and fonts. Because the product was being converted from an older version, I figured the logo could too.

Old logo

New logo (with tagline)

Exploration of the inverse and the usage of different background colors:

(Without tag lines)

The Hackathon Project

Using the Bootstrap Library I created for testing components, I built (redesigned) the Black Diamond Microsite. It had a previous design built by our big brother company out west Advent Software. (now SS&C | Advent). The problem was that they had zero awareness of what the Black Diamond product was, and it showed.

Click to view. (Live site coming soon.)

Newsletter Design

Marketing came to us with our first design led initiative, a ‘Release Notes’ email newsletter. The whole design team took a stab at some template designs. After some feedback, we chose a version I had created but with small design additions from the teams mocks. Way to go team! One addition was some enhanced ’flat’ iconography, and that freshness has now evolved toward product illustrations which are now featured in the User Guide.

Old Newsletter Template.

New Newsletter Template. Click to view whole template.

The newsletter has received great feedback from Black Diamond clients. We have received emails specifically complimenting the new design. And most importantly, the click-through rate has increased!

A Product User Guide

Because of the success of the newsletter and awareness of our new component library, the design team was approached by our Product Director to build a user guides to accompany upcoming feature releases. The first feature was for our Report Builder. This was the perfect time (and material) to test some new product illustrations I had been working on.

View the PDF Version.

A Sales Sheet

The next project inline was for a sales sheet. We decided to take some baby steps in regards to the brand experience here. At first, we are just working on some visual design and let this resonate across the company and SS&C | Advent. Our next step is to explore our tone of voice for marketing campaigns. That will be added in the near future.

View the PDF Version.

Starting Brand Guidelines

This is helpful as we build out newer visual styles for the web that will differ from the UI styles found in the application itself. Here is the start of the document and soon to be website:

Summary: A User Driven Brand

The approach for this project was to let the product drive the brand vision. We want to promote an extreme transparency and a 1:1 from what a potential buyer sees on marketing collateral, to what they actually get once inside our application. Again the power lies in the experience of the user.

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